Mātātā Translocation

Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust is committed to restoring the native wildlife to their homeranges in Taranaki, but are also key players in conservation and restoration across New Zealand. Between 2017-2019, we have been helping other conservation groups restore Mātātā/fernbird to their natural spaces--40 fernbirds have been translocated to Pauatahanui Wetlands in Wellington over two years and 40 sent to Mana Island in 2019. Now, 7 known breeding pairs are being monitored at Pauatahanui, indicating a successful translocation.

About the Bird

Mātātā/fernbird are cryptic (i.e secretive) wetland birds that have been disappearing from landscapes across the country. Most of their populations disappeared due to wetland drainage and conversion to pastureland, coupled with the predation threat from mammals like rats, mustelids, and feral cats. They are indicators of wetland health as their presence is a proxy for diverse wetland habitat and rich food supplies in their chosen homes.