Taranaki Kohanga Kiwi at Rotokare


Rotokare is part of an exciting kiwi project, called Taranaki Kohanga Kiwi at Rotokare.  A kohanga is a nursery and breeding site, in this case a protected are which kiwi can breed in abundance without interference of introduced predators. 

Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust and Taranaki Kiwi Trust are working jointly on this project as a cost-effective, and ecologically viable way of boosting numbers throughout Taranaki and beyond.

In the first instance, the project is about returning a permanent breeding population of kiwi to Rotokare. Contributing not only to kiwi survival, but also making it possible for the public to experience the success first hand. 

Kiwi calls can already be heard at night, in out 24/7 publicly accessible sanctuary.  In a later phase, when the population has established and grown, surplus kiwi will be captured and then released to other safe areas in the region and beyond.

We offer guided night tours periodically throughout the year, coming along to these is a great way of learning more about kiwi and other nocturnal creatures.  Sometimes people hear and even see kiwi on a night tour. 


For more info on Taranaki Kohanga Kiwi at Rotokare, see the latest newsletter below: