Toutouwai Translocation


Since the fence was built in 2008, the forest (now free from predators) has had the chance to grow back naturally, and many birds and animals found their way back into Rotokare. The toutouwai/North Island Robin was one such creature. They were first sighted at Rotokare in 2010 but their numbers were few (~20-25 individuals) and couldn't be sustained as a population. 

So, in 2017, a population of toutouwai were translocated into Rotokare to boost the self-introduced population. The birds were brought from Bushy Park, Whanganui, and now call Rotokare home. We now have hundreds of robins hopping about our bush!


About the Bird

Toutouwai/North Island Robins are friendly and inquisitive birds and quite popular with visitors across New Zealand. A docile ground feeder, the toutouwai are targets to all mammals due to their proximity to the ground and insatiable curiosity. While toutouwai populations overaell are stabilising across the country due to timely conservation tactics, their distributions across New Zealand remains scarce.