Pāteke Translocation 


Rotokare was excited to release 20 pāteke into the Reserve on 16th May 2019, something that couldn't be done without the incredible effort by many others nationwide - the Pāteke captive breeding program includes 14 facilities, including The Issac Conservation and Wildlife Trust based in Christchurch where the pāteke are prepared for their journey. Air New Zealand, a major sponsor of the Brown Teal / Pāteke Recovery Group, provide the transport for pāteke nationwide from voluntary captive breeders to release-sites. Both the significant in-kind contribution of captive breeders, and sponsorship from Air New Zealand are key factors in supporting this national species recovery program. Through these efforts, eight self-sustaining populations have been established since the program began.

Pāteke tend to fly far into neighbouring farmlands and wetlands, so if you see this bird in your environment do get in touch with us as quickly as possible! 

About the Bird

Pāteke are arguably New Zealand's rarest duck, with only 2,000 - 2,500 ducks left across New Zealand--to put it into perspective, there are more kiwi in Taranaki than Pāteke worldwide! A crepuscular (i.e. twilight) duck, this speacies has restricted populations in the wild, being sensitive to introduced mammals (especially feral cats and mustelids) and habitat loss. Captive breeding has saved the species and helped their reintroduction into their home ranges.