Apart from our focused Education programme, there are other opportunities available to school groups to experience Rotokare and engage with conservation in out-of-the-box ways


Discover Your Schoolyard (Terms 2 and 3 only)

Bring conservation to your backyard with this unique action-oriented programme. Discover Your Schoolyard (DYSY) brings Rotokare to you in an effort to help you explore, protect, and nurture biodiversity at your school. The programme introduces scientific methods to survey native animals, control pest species, and make DIY tools to help native species reclaim their space. 




Artistic Adaptations (Terms 2 and 3 only)

Govett-Brewster Art Gallery / Len Lye Centre and Rotokare present a fantastic fusion of arts and conservation with Artistic Adaptations. Open a whole new world for students with a unique, fun, and hands-on LEOTC programme delivered at Rotokare...learn about the amazing adaptations of our native plants and animals and explore these characteristics with paint, plaster, models, and more!

Available upon request and availability of Rotokare and Govett-Brewster Educators. 



Survival Game

Understanding food chains and webs was never more fun! Opt for the Survival Game with your Rotokare visit to immerse your students in a one-hour forest simulation where the only rule is to eat or be eaten. Students occupy roles of herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores in the Rotokare bush and battle it out to survive in our forest. 

Option works best with Extraordinary Ecosystems unity. Please contact Rotokare Educator for more details. 



Rotokare Education Dusk/Night Tours

Show your students another side of Rotokare with our Dusk / Night Tours. Discover our creatures of the night as the sun goes down over a torchlit walk down our barrier-free track; learn to listen and watch for kiwi, ruru, wētā, kōura, eels, and other cryptic species not often seen at daytime. 

Available on request, best taken in Term 3 / Winter season. Late timings advised, best done as part of a camp.