Tertiary and Research

Tertiary and Research

Mainland islands are amazing places to conduct research, with native species in their natural environment free from pests and predators.   Unlike the sometimes far away pest and predator free offshore islands, Rotokare offers the same research opportunities only a short drive from some of New Zealand’s leading tertiary and research institutions.

Possible research areas could include:

Conservation Biology

  • The translocation and reintroduction of species
  • The breeding of rare species



  • Animal behaviour (especially in response to the removal of pests and predators)
  • Population dynamics
  • Species richness and diversity
  • Species identification (invertebrates/lizards/fish)



  • Plant regeneration
  • Species interactions
  • Ecosystem effects from the eradication of pests and predators
  • Effective monitoring and detection methods for pests, predators and native animals
  • Molecular ecology



For research projects at Rotokare you may be eligible for a George Mason Charitable Trust Scholarship, available via some New Zealand Universities