Years 11-13

Years 11-13

  • The Forest or Wetland Health programmes are aimed at year’s 11-13 science and biology students. 


  • Designed to introduce more complex ecological themes, these programmes make use of Rotokare’s distinctive features for the practical components of the biological sciences curriculum.


  • Useful resources are provided for use both before and after the visit, by teachers and students.


  • Specific NCEA Achievement Objectives are available for schools to utilise (other units can be developed with an interested school/teacher as required).  All objectives offered come as a complete resource (assessment/marking matrix and other resources students/teachers need to complete the standard).

            Science 1.12 (AS 90951) Investigate a Biological Impact of an Event on a NZ Ecosystem

            Biology 2.6 (AS 91158) Investigate a Pattern in an Ecological Community (data collection)

            Biology 2.6b (AS 91158) Investigate a Pattern in an Ecological Community (research)

            Biology 3.2 (AS 91602) Integrate Biological Knowledge to Develop an Informed Response to a Socio-                                        scientific Issue